Colonel E. W. Taylor SCV Camp #1777 (Bedford, Texas)

Commander: Chuck Marks (817) 703-6195 ~ Adjutant: James Alderman (817) 605-0538
Meets: Last Thursday of the month Jan - Oct at 7:00 pm (if planning to eat please arrive by 6:00 pm)
Location: Catfish Company Restaurant @ 900 Airport Fwy, Hurst, TX 76054 (817) 581-3912

Visitors & Counting!

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Newsletter Index to the articles which have appeared in this newsletter from January 2011 through January 2016, including references to specific Confederate veterans.
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Newsletter Index 2011-2016
Ables, Andrew Jackson Feb. 17PDF | ZIP
Abston, H. L. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Acker, M. A. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Adams, Hiram Feb 12PDF | ZIP
Adams, Hiram Mar 12PDF | ZIP
Adams, J. W. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Adkins, Charles Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Akers, Byron Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Akers, Emily A. (Henderson) Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Akers, George Feb 2014 PDF | ZIP
Akers, George June 2014 PDF | ZIP
Akers, John Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Alderman, Chesley Aug 11PDF | ZIP
Alderman, Chesley Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Alderman, Stephen J. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Alexander, A. Col. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Alexander, Thomas N. Mar 12PDF | ZIP
Allen, Alexander June 2014PDF | ZIP
Allen, David Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Allen, George R. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Allen, Permelia Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Allen, Permelia (Loving) Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Allen, Permelia Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Allen, W. H. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Allison, William M. May 15PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Drucilla (Roberts) Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Elijah Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Henderson B. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, James Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Julia Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Louisa (Holt) Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, M. Ballard Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Nancy Adeline Thornton Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, Sarah Minerva (Thompson) Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Alverson, William J. Nov 16PDF | ZIP usage July 13PDF | ZIP
Anderson, John C. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Anderson, Mrs. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Andersonville vs Camp Douglas Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Andrews, Benjamin Franklin Apr 11PDF | ZIP
Andrews, Jabez Apr 11PDF | ZIP
Archer, R. W. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, Alice A. (Travis) Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, John Butler June 11PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, John D. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, John D. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, John D. Mar 17 PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, John D. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Armstrong, W. L. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Arnold, Ripley A. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Atwell, L. H. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Atwood, P. B. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Austin, Stephen Blevins June 2014PDF | ZIP
Autry, Rayford Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Baggett, Silas Feb 11PDF | ZIP
Baggett, Silas Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Baggett, Silas Mar 11PDF | ZIP
Bagwell, Mary Margaret Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Bagwell, Milas Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Bagwell, Nathaniel Robbins Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Bagwell, Sarah Elizabeth (Rogers) Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Bailey, Charles H. July 15PDF | ZIP
Bailey, Charles H. June 15PDF | ZIP
Bailey, Ellen June 15PDF | ZIP
Bailey, Mattie Chesnut June 15PDF | ZIP
Bailey, Olive Martin June 15PDF | ZIP
Bailey, William June 15PDF | ZIP
BaIley, Zack W. June 15PDF | ZIP
Baker, Susan L. Hudgins June 15PDF | ZIP
Ball, T. T. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Ballard, M. (Alverson) Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Barber, Charles Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Barcroft, Daniel Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Barcroft, Daniel June 2014PDF | ZIP
Barcroft, Daniel Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Barfoot, Van T. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Bass, Benjamin R. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Bass, Thomas Coke Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Bates, Alvin June 2017PDF | ZIP
Bates, Elizabeth June 2017PDF | ZIP
Batte, Margaret McLean June 2017PDF | ZIP
Baugh, L. N. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Baugh, L. N. May 15PDF | ZIP
Beall, Dr. E. J. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Beall, John A. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Beall, Walter Dent Feb 12PDF | ZIP
Beaver, Frank Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Beaver, Frank July 2014PDF | ZIP
Beaver, Thomas H. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Beck, Jesse Zebulon Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Beckham, William G. Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Bedford, Ann Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Bedford, David R. May 13PDF | ZIP
Bedford, Thomas Jan 27PDF | ZIP
Bella Cavender (Witten) Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Bellew, C. G. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Benbrook, James Monroe June 13PDF | ZIP
Benson, Barry Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Bentonville, N.C. battlefield Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Berry, Thomas G. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Berry, Thomas G. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Bertram, Cora Whitley Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Bevers, George H. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Bewley, Anthony Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Billington, Mrs. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Binyon, J. R. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Biographical online sources, Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Blackerby, Elijah W. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Blair, Alva Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Blanks, Christopher Columbus July 2014PDF | ZIP
Blanks, James M. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Blanks, James M. July 2014PDF | ZIP
Blanks, John M. July 2014PDF | ZIP
Blessing, Callie Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Blessing, Callie May 2017PDF | ZIP
Blessing, Solomon Thomas Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Blessing, Solomon Thomas May 2017PDF | ZIP
Blevins, Elijah James Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Blevins, Jonathan June 2014PDF | ZIP
Blevins, Lewis B. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Boardman, Eli Rice Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Boardman, Eli Rice Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Boaz, David May 2016PDF | ZIP
Boaz, Samuel June 2014PDF | ZIP
Boaz, Viola May 2016PDF | ZIP
Boaz, William J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Boazman, Edward Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Boazman, J. W. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Bobo, Cassandra Euless Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Bobo, Weldon Wiles June 2014PDF | ZIP
Bobo, Weldon Wiles Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Bolling, John Henry Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Bonner, M. J. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Bonner, M. J. May 15PDF | ZIP
Bonner, Moses J. July 15PDF | ZIP
Bonner, Moses J. Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Bonnie Blue Flag Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Berry Benson, Confederate Scout-Sniper May 13PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Bruce Catton, A Stillness at Appomattox, Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Bruce Catton, American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War, Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Echoes of Glory: Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War Nov 12PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Gary Joiner, One Damn Blunder from Beginning to End May 12PDF | ZIP
Book Review: James McPherson, Images of the Civil War (Kuntsler) Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Book Review: K. M. VanZandt, Force Without Fanfare Jan 12PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Mamie Yeary, Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, Feb 12PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Sam Watkins, Company Aytch Apr 12PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Thomas G. Stevens, Tennessee Preacher, Tennessee Soldier July13PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Tom Carhart, Lost Triumph, June 12PDF | ZIP
Book Review: Tony Horwitz, Confederates in the Attic Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Boon, Daniel Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Boon, Daniel May 12PDF | ZIP
Boon, John Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Boon, John May 12PDF | ZIP
Boon, John May 13PDF | ZIP
Boone, Benjamin Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Boone, Daniel June 2014PDF | ZIP
Boone, Elijah Floyd, Rev. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Boone, Elizabeth Floyd Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Boone, Howard Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Boone, Martha Jane Wherry Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Booth, Madison Jan 12PDF | ZIP
Borah, Christopher June 2014PDF | ZIP
Borah, Lee June 2014PDF | ZIP
Borah, William J. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Boswell, William H. Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Bouldin, Hammond July 2016PDF | ZIP
Bouldin, Hammond June 16PDF | ZIP
Bourland, James G. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Boyd, J. C. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Bransford, Felix Grundy Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Bransford, Felix Grundy Oct 11PDF | ZIP
Braswell, S. N. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Brenner, Victor David Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Bridges, John J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Brinson, M. J. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Brinson, Monday J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Briscoe, Billy Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Briscoe, Isaac J. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Briscoe, Isaac J. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Brite, Thomas Benton Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Brock, James C. Apr 12PDF | ZIP
Brown, Isaac Newton July 12PDF | ZIP
Brown, James H. H. Mar 12PDF | ZIP
Brown, John Henry Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Brown, John P. S. June 2017PDF | ZIP
Brown, Joseph M. Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Brown, William M. Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Browne, Edward Beck Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Browne, Edward Beck Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Bryan, John Neely Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Bryan, Riley Narval May 2017PDF | ZIP
Buchanan, James May 2017PDF | ZIP
Bulloch, James D. Capt. Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Burch, Mary Wallas June 15PDF | ZIP
Burford, John Jr. Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Burford, John Sr. Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Burford, Mary Eliza (Johnson) Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Burford, William J. Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Burford, William J. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Burford, William J. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Burford, William J. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Burgoon, Anna Marie Geiger June 15PDF | ZIP
Burgoon, Charles June 2014PDF | ZIP
Burgoon, George Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Burgoon, Henry Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Burgoon, Joseph Amos Jan 12PDF | ZIP
Burgoon, Joseph Amos Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Burkhalter, John Michael Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Burkhalter, John Michael July 2014PDF | ZIP
Burleson, Dr. James D. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Burleson, Jacob Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Burnett, Lorenzo Dow June 15PDF | ZIP
Burrows, Francis M. June 13PDF | ZIP
Burton, William Franklin Aug 11PDF | ZIP
Burts, Elizabeth (Henderson) Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Burts, William P. Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Burts, William P. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Burts, William P. Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Burts, William P. Dr. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Burts, William P. June 16PDF | ZIP
Burts, William P. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Bush, W. N. Genl. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Butler, Benjamin, Gen. July 15PDF | ZIP
Byas, Abram L. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Byas, J. L. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Cabell, W. L. Genl. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Caldwell, Edward A. June 2017PDF | ZIP
Caldwell, Edward A. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Caldwell, Lucretia Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Calloway, Shadrack June 2014PDF | ZIP
Camp Douglas vs Andersonville Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Camp Ford, Texas Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Campbell, John Archibald June 2017PDF | ZIP
Cannon accident in Decatur Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Cannon, John M. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Cannon, John Milton Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Cannon, Thomas Alexander Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Carlton, Hezekiah G. May 11PDF | ZIP
Carmack, George L. Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Carmack, George L. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Carmack, George L. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Carney, Elijah W. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Carney, Elijah Wilson June 16PDF | ZIP
Carroll, Benajah H. Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Carter, George T. May 15PDF | ZIP
Carter, William M. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Castleberry, James T. July 2014PDF | ZIP
Cate, David H. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Cate, James June 2014PDF | ZIP
Cavender, Ed Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Cavender, Joseph M. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Cavins, Felix Grundy Sept 11PDF | ZIP
Cents, U. S. flying eagle June 15PDF | ZIP
Chambers, R. Dr. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Chattanooga Battlefield Park Jan 2014 Chickamauga Battlefield Park Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Chesnut, Mattie Bailey June 15PDF | ZIP
Childress, Rufus E. July 13PDF | ZIP
Chiles, Fendol W. Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Chiles, Fendol W. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Chiles, Fendol W. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Chisum, John S. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Chisum, Almeada Jones Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Chisum, Harriett Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Chisum, Jensie Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Chisum, John Simpson Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Chisum, Martha Ledbetter Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Chivers Cemetery May 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, Absalom H. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, Absalom H. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, Absalom H. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, James L Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, James L May 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, Joel W. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, Joel W. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Chivers, Joel W. Sept 11PDF | ZIP
Chivers, L. H. June 16PDF | ZIP
Choate, Olley Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Choate, Olley Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Choate, Olley Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Chorn, Idella (Quinn) July 2016PDF | ZIP
Chorn, William W. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System July 13PDF | ZIP
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System May 12PDF | ZIP
Clark, Henry C. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Clark, Henry C. Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Clark, Henry C. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Clark, J. A. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Clark, Mary Dean Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Clayton, William C., Capt. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Cleburne, Patrick Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Cleburne, Patrick Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Cleburne, Patrick Ronayne Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Cleburne, Patrick Ronayne May 15PDF | ZIP
Cline, Perry Robert July 12PDF | ZIP
Clint, Charles F. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Clower, John H. D. Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Coats, Nancy Ann July 2016PDF | ZIP
Cobb, Nancy C. Morrison Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Cobb, Robert Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Coble, Mary Kimbro Williams June 15PDF | ZIP
Coggin brothers Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Coker, Richard S. June 13PDF | ZIP
Coleman, Cooper May 11PDF | ZIP
Coleman, Elizabeth Corgin June 15PDF | ZIP
Collinsworth, Farwick Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Comanches Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Confederate Service Records June 12 PDF | ZIP
Confederate soldiers' pay Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Connery, Charles Woodbury Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Connery, Louise (Taylor) Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Connery, Louise Taylor Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Connery, Louise Taylor May 15PDF | ZIP
Cook, Harmon W. July 11PDF | ZIP
Cook, James E. Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Cook, Mary Elizabeth Gregory Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Cooper, Charles H. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Copeland, George Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Corbin, Elizabeth Coleman June 15PDF | ZIP
Corbitt, Mr. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Corder,Elizabeth Holland Gregory Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Cornelius, James H. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Corwin, Thomas May 2017PDF | ZIP
Cotnam, George Washington Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Cotnam, George Washington Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Counts, Jacob W. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Cowart, Seaborn Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Cox, Ellen (Holly) May 2016PDF | ZIP
Cox, Fred (Mrs.) Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Cox, James C. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Cox, James C. June 16PDF | ZIP
Crabtree, Reece Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Crabtree, Will Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Creecy, Carson M. Oct 12PDF | ZIP
Creed, George W. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Creed, George W. Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Creed, John June 2014PDF | ZIP
Crittenden, John J. June 2017PDF | ZIP
Crockett, Harrrison B. Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Cross, Robert June 2014PDF | ZIP
Cross, Thomas E. Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Cross, Thomas E. Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Cross, Thomas E. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Cross, William Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Crouch, R. C., Gen. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Crowley Confederate Veterans Monument June 11PDF | ZIP
Crowley, Isham June 2014PDF | ZIP
Crowley, Isham Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Crowley, Richard June 2017PDF | ZIP
Crowley, Richard May 2017PDF | ZIP
Crump, Pleasant Riggs Jan 13PDF | ZIP
Crump, R. P., Col. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
CSS Shenandoah Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Culwell, Andrew Jackson Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Culwell, Andrew Jackson Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Culwell, J. S. Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Culwell, Josiah Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Culwell, Mary Ann Ensey Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Cummings, C. C. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Cummings, C. C. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Cummings, C. C. Feb 12PDF | ZIP
Cummins, J. R. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Cummins, J. R. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Currie, Alexander Nov 11PDF | ZIP
Currie, Archibale Nov 11PDF | ZIP
Darcy, Samuel J. Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Darsy, Sam Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Davidson, Rebecca W. Proctor June 15PDF | ZIP
Davis, Jefferson Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Day, G. W., Dr. July 15PDF | ZIP
Dean, Ellen Trammell Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Dean, Jeremiah Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Dean, Joshua Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Dean, Joshua Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Dean, Joshua Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Dean, Joshua Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Dean, Mary (Clark) Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Deavenport, M. W. June 16PDF | ZIP
Denney, Thomas Jefferson Sept 11PDF | ZIP
Denton, John B. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Dimes, United States Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Dixon, William Henry May 2016PDF | ZIP
Dobkins family cemetery Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Dobkins, Alexander Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Dobkins, Alexander June 2014PDF | ZIP
Dobkins, Alexander Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Dobkins, Jacob Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Dobkins, William C. Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Dobkins, William Calloway June 11PDF | ZIP
Dockery, L. K. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Dodd, Sonora (Smart) June 2014PDF | ZIP
Donathan, J. W. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Doss, Elbert Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Doughty, B. F. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Dowie, William H. Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Dowling, Dick Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Dowling, Dick Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Duff, James, Col. Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Dunlap, Thomas A. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Dunlap, Thomas A. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Dunleavy, James Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Dunn, John Cartwright June 2014PDF | ZIP
Dunn, John Cartwright May 15PDF | ZIP
Dunn, Nancy Moselle Stanley June 15PDF | ZIP
Dunn, Nancy Moselle Stanley May 15PDF | ZIP
Durham, Alberry H. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Durham, Alberry H. June 16PDF | ZIP
Durham, Alberry Hillard Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Durham, Alberry Hilliard Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Eanes, Greg, Col. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Earhart, Joseph B. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Earle, Jefferson Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Easter, Thomas June 2014PDF | ZIP
Easterwood, James William Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Easterwood, James William Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Eaves, Benjamin June 2014PDF | ZIP
Eaves, Carroll Bennett Sept 12PDF | ZIP
Edmonson, Jess Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Eliot, James S. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Eliot, Sanders K. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Eliot, Stephen K. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Ellison, John W. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Elliston, Frank Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Elliston, Mortimer Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Elliston, Mortimer Mar 13PDF | ZIP
Elliston, Mortimer Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Elliston, Mortimer Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Emma Tomlinson (Light) Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Ensey, Mary Ann Culwell Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Ensey, Dennis Culpepper Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Ensey, Dennis Culpepper Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Epps, Joshua June 2014PDF | ZIP
Epps, Joshua March 2014PDF | ZIP
Epps, Joshua May 2014PDF | ZIP
Estes, George E. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Estill, Frances Staples June 15PDF | ZIP
Estill, Jefferson June 2014PDF | ZIP
Estill, John Staples Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Euless, Adam Euless Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Euless, Cassandra (Bobo) Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Euless, Julia “Judy” (Trigg) Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Euless, Martin Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Evans, Daniel W. June 13PDF | ZIP
Farris, George W. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Field, James Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Fields, John Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Fire-Making with Flint and Steel Sept 12PDF | ZIP
Fishback, George Washington June 13PDF | ZIP
Fishback, George Washington May 13PDF | ZIP
Fite, Henry C. Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Fite, Henry Cathey Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Fite, Henry Cathey Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Fite, Henry Cathey, Capt. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Fitzgerald, Alfred Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Five-dollar Gold Pieces July 2014PDF | ZIP
Floyd, Elizabeth Boone Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Fold3 usage Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Fold3 usage July 13PDF | ZIP
Fold3 usage July 13PDF | ZIP
Fold3 usage Sept 11PDF | ZIP
Fondran, Robert Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Fondran, Robert Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Fondren, Bud Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Fondren, Ed Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Fondren, John Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Fondren, William Oct 2014PDF | ZIP May 11PDF | ZIP
Ford, R. I. P. June 2017PDF | ZIP
Fore, Wiley Walker May 2016PDF | ZIP
Forrest, Nathan B. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Forrest, Nathan B. Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Forrest, Nathan Bedford Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Forrest, Nathan Bedford Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Forrest, Nathan Bedford Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Fort Worth Stock Show Parade Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Foster, Ambrose June 2014PDF | ZIP
Foster, Frederick W. July, Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Foster, Joel Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Foster, Lucratus H. Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Foster, Sarah "Sally" Trimble Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Foster, Sarah "Sally" Trimble June 15PDF | ZIP
Foster, Susan Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Foster, Thomas Jefferson Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Foster, Thomas Jefferson June 2014PDF | ZIP
Fowler, Abijah July 15PDF | ZIP
Fowler, Joe (Mrs.) Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Fraser, James Earle Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Frazier, A. B. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Freeman, John A. Rev. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Friend, Ludicia Herring June16PDF | ZIP
Frontier Brigade Band Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Fuller, R. D. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Gainesville Confederate statue Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Gallaspy, T. Y. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Gammell, Stephen P. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Gano, Richard Montgomery Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Gano, Richard Montgomery Nov 11PDF | ZIP
Gantt, James Austin, Sr. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Gardenhire, G. G. Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Gardenhire, George Washington June 13PDF | ZIP
Garrett, James A. Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Garrett, William H. Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Garrett, William H. Jan 13PDF | ZIP
Garrison, William G. June 15PDF | ZIP
Garrison, William G. May 15PDF | ZIP
Gaskell, J. E. Maj. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Gaugh, Michael P. July 12PDF | ZIP
Geiger, Anna Marie Burgoon June 15PDF | ZIP
George, George W. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Geren, James Preston May 2016PDF | ZIP
Gibson, Nancy Ann Thompson June 16PDF | ZIP
Gibson, William June 16PDF | ZIP
Gideon, Galen B. Apr 11PDF | ZIP
Giesecke, Johann Friedrich August Julius May 2016PDF | ZIP
Gillespie, O. W. ??????PDF | ZIP
Gilmore, Thomas G. Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Gilmore, John Washington Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Gilmore, Seaborne May 2016PDF | ZIP
Gilmore, Seaborne Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Gilmore, Thomas G. Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Glass, William J. Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Glass, William J. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Glass, William Josephus Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Glaze, W. F. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Goodnight, Charles Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Gorman, H. C. L. Mrs. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Gotcher, John H. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Granbury, Hiram B. Gen. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Grantham, W. R. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Grapevine Cemetery Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Graves Registry Project Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Gray, Alfred Delaney Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Gray, Alfred Delaney Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Green, Hosea June 2014PDF | ZIP
Green, Minerva Pearson, Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Green, Minerva Pearson, June 15PDF | ZIP
Green, Tom, General July 2016PDF | ZIP
Greer, Edward B. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Greer, Edward B. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Gregg, Maxcy Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Gregory, Mary Elizabeth Cook Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Gregory, Doctor Clayton Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Gregory, John Keatts Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Gregory, Lewis Corder Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Gregory, Lewis Corder Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Griffith, Pinkney Luther Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Grimes, John A. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Grimes, Thomas June 2014PDF | ZIP
Grisham, James J. May 15PDF | ZIP
Grisham, Thomas E. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Grsham, Joseph Houston Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Gwynne, S. C. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Hall, Elbert Augustus Nov 11PDF | ZIP
Hall, Sam Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Hamaker, James P. Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Hamaker, James P. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hamaker, James P. Oct 12PDF | ZIP
Hamaker, James P. Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Hamilton, David Henry Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Hamilton, John D., Capt. June 15PDF | ZIP
Hamleton, Mary Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Hammond, James Knox Polk Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Hammond, John J Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Hammond, John J. Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Hammond, John J. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Hammond, John J. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Hammond, John J. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Hammond, John James June 15PDF | ZIP
Hampton, Wade Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Hancock, R. C. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Handley, James Madison June 13PDF | ZIP
Hanks, J. M. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Hanna, Ephraim Alexander June 15PDF | ZIP
Haralson, John H. Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Hard, James Albert Jan 13PDF | ZIP
Harding, Noah Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Hardisty, James June 2014PDF | ZIP
Hardy, Oliver, Sr. and Jr., May 2014PDF | ZIP
Harper, Henry Jackson June 12PDF | ZIP
Harper, William Robert Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Harris, A Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Harris, Col. Abe Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Harris, David Sylvanus Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Harris, David Sylvanus Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Harris, Rufus Marion May 2014PDF | ZIP
Harveson, Q. July 15PDF | ZIP
Hawkins Cemetery Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hawley, Joseph Russell, Sen. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Haynes, Eleanor Lowrance June 15PDF | ZIP
Head, Oscar W. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Head, Oscar W. Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Headstones and monuments, new work Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Headstones from the Veterans Administration Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Headstones from the Veterans Administration July 13PDF | ZIP
Headstones from the Veterans Administration June 12PDF | ZIP
Headstones from the Veterans Administration Mar 13PDF | ZIP
Headstones, installation Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Headstones, resurfacing June 13PDF | ZIP
Heath Cemetery, Hill County Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Helm, Grady Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Henderson, Elizabeth Burts Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Henderson, Emily A. Akers Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Henderson, Joseph M. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Henderson, Joseph M. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Henderson, Joseph Manning July 13PDF | ZIP
Henderson, Sarah D. (White) Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Herring, Frances L. (Mrs.) June16PDF | ZIP
Herring, Ludicia (Friend) June 16PDF | ZIP
Herring, Peyton June 16PDF | ZIP
Herring, Robert F. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Herring, Robert F. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Herring, Robert Franklin June 16PDF | ZIP
Herring, William June 16PDF | ZIP
Hickman, John P. Gen. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Higgins, Henry T. Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Higgins, Henry T. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Hightower, Alfred Madison June 2014PDF | ZIP
Hightower, Claudia, Mrs. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hightower, Dan H. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hightower, Mrs. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hill, John T. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Hill, Lucinda Wright Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Himebaugh, Peter Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Hindman, Charles July 2014PDF | ZIP
Hindman, Milus July 2014PDF | ZIP
Hindman, Nannie (Stockett) July 2014PDF | ZIP
Hindman, William July 2014PDF | ZIP
Hinson, Jack Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Hinson, Jack July 2014PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Francis M. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Francis M. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Francis M. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Francis M. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Francis Marion Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, J. S. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Mary J. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Michael S. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Mrs. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Pheraby (Wilson) Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hoffman, Rebecca E. (Hudson) Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Holcomb, Tom July 15PDF | ZIP
Holland, Elizabeth Holland Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Holland, George B. Capt. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Holly, Ellen Cox May 2016PDF | ZIP
Holt, Jasper N. Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Holt, Louisa Alverson Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Hood's Texas Brigade Association, Re-Activated Sept 11PDF | ZIP
Hopkins, Maudie Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Hopkins, Maudie Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Howard, Abner Perry Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Howard, Henry A. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Howard, John J. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Howard, John J. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Howard, John J. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Howell, Julius Mar 12PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, El Nathan Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, El Nathan Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, El Nathan June 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, Franklin L. Feb. 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, James Cinatus Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, James Cinatus Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, John P. Feb. 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, Philip Davis Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, Philip Davis Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, Sarah (Proctor) Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, Sarah (Proctor) Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, Susan L. Baker June 15PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, William D. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudgins, William D. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudson Cemetery Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Hudson, Rebecca E. Hoffman Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Hukill, John S. Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Hunt, Andrew Jackson Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Hurley, George Washington Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Hurst, William L. “Uncle Billy” Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Hurst, William Letchworth Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Hurst, William Letchworth Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Hurst, William Letchworth Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Isaacs, Dan L. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
J. G. Whitsett Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Jackson, Howell Edmunds June 2017PDF | ZIP
Jane (Witten) (Harris) Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Jane Harris (Witten) Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Jarvis, J. J. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Jefferson, Thomas Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Jenkins, Charlotte Ellender Dunn June 15PDF | ZIP
Jenkins, Eli Mathis May 15PDF | ZIP
Jennings, John Pleasant Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Jennings, John Pleasant Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Jennings, Thomas Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Jennings, Thomas R. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Jennings, Thomas R. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Jewell, Hiram Coffee Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Jewell, Hiram Coffee Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Jewell, Lavonia Ann Prince Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Jewell, Mollie Modina Wylie Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Andrew June 2017PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Andrew Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Johnson, M. T. Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Johnson, M. T. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Mary Eliza Burford Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Middleton T. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Middleton Tate Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Middleton Tate Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Johnson, T. J. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Johnson, Washington J. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Johnston, James R. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Johnston, James R. July 15PDF | ZIP
Johnston, James R. June 15PDF | ZIP
Johnston, James R. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Johnston, Joseph E. Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Jones, Almeada Chisum Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Jones, Elizabeth Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Jones, H. R. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Jones, Henry Robinson Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Jones, Jesse Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, John P. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Jones, Joseph Fleming June 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Joseph Fleming Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Joseph Fleming Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Lewis Westmoreland June 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, R. H. Dr. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Robert Dolford “Bob” Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Jones, Thomas C. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Thomas C. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Walker Leake June 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, Walker Leake Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Jones, William Emory June 2017PDF | ZIP
Jordan, Francis May 2016 PDF | ZIP
Joyce, James June 2014PDF | ZIP
Joyce, Norvel L. Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Joyce, Norvel L. Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Judice, Felix Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Felix Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Judice, James W. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Marie Magdeline Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Mary I. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Melissie Jane Stratton Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Ollie M. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Seraphin Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Judice, Thomas E. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Keith, J. W. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Kennedy, Oliver S. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Kennedy, R. J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Kent, Smith Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Keys, Henry E. July 15PDF | ZIP
Killingsworth, Zacharia Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Kimbro, Mary Coble Williams June 15PDF | ZIP
King, Elias A. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
King, Elias A. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
King, Ellen Scott Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
King, John P. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
King, Knox, D. A. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
King, Porter Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
King, R. H. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Kiowas Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Kirkpatrick, John D. July 13PDF | ZIP
Kujawski, Sam Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Ladd, James Miles Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Ladd, James Miles Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Lamar II, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus June 2017PDF | ZIP
Lamkin, John H. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Lamkin, John H. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Lamkin, John H. Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Land, J. D. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Lane, William Allen Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Lanford, John A. July 12PDF | ZIP
Lanier, Ira Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Lanier, James Cane Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Lashley, E. Frank June 2014PDF | ZIP
Lawler, L. A. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Leake, Enoch Clark Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Leake, Walter Noel Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Ledbetter, Martha Chisum Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Lee, A. J. Aug 13 PDF | ZIP
Lee, Alfred J. Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Lee, Eli Warren Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Lee, H. R. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Lee, Harry Rene, Col. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Lee, James Jackson Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Lee, John Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Lee, Josiah Archibald Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Lee, Robert E. Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Lee, Robert E. Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Lee, Robert E.'s pocket knife Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Lee, Robert Edward Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Lee, Stephen D. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Lee, William A. Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Lee, William Alexander Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Lee, William L. Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Lee-Jackson Weekend Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Leftwich, Littleberry Feb 2014 PDF | ZIP
Leftwich, Littleberry Sep 2014 PDF | ZIP
Leftwich, Littleberry July 2016PDF | ZIP
Leonard, Archibald F. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Levisee, Angeline Starr Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Levisee, Angeline Starr June 15PDF | ZIP
Levisee, Angeline Starr Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Levisee, Angeline Starr May 15PDF | ZIP
Levisee, David Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Levisee, Mary Taylor June 15PDF | ZIP
Levisee, Mary Taylor Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Lewis, Samuel E., Dr. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Lewis, Sloan Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
License plates, Texas SCV Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Light, Dora Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Light, Lee Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Light, Mary Ann (Porter) Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Light, Sarah Ann "Sallie" Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Light, William D. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Light, William D. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Lincoln, Abraham Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Lindsey, Minnie Lee Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Lindsey, William Crawford Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Linskie, Mr. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Lipscomb, Cuvier Apr 11PDF | ZIP
Lipscomb, Dr. Dabney Minor June 2014PDF | ZIP
Lipscomb, Henry Dean Oct 12PDF | ZIP
Lipscomb, Henry Dean Sept 12PDF | ZIP
Lipscomb, Millicent Harris Scrivener June 15PDF | ZIP
Littlejohn, J. B. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Litzig, J. B. Jan 2014 PDF | ZIP
London, Mary Ann Elizabeth McPherson Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Longacre, James Barron June 15PDF | ZIP
Loomis, T. L. Chaplain Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Louise Connery (Taylor) Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Loving, Joseph D. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Loving, Gabriel Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Loving, Joseph D. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Loving, Joseph May 2017PDF | ZIP
Loving, Oliver Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Loving, Oliver Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Loving, Permelia Allen Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Lowrance, Eleanor Haynes June 15PDF | ZIP
Lurton, Horace Harmon June 2017PDF | ZIP
Maben, T. J. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Mabry, H. P., Capt. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
MacNeil, Herman Atkins Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Maddox, Mary A. (Mays) Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Maddox, W. A. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Maddox, William A. Col. Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Maddox, William Alexander Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Manning, Thomas Oct 13 PDF | ZIP
Markers, Confederate Cast-Iron June 12PDF | ZIP
Marks, Washington Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Marks, Washington Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Marks, Washington Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Marks, Washington July 2016PDF | ZIP
Marks, Washington May 2017PDF | ZIP
Marshall, Doyle Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Martha Trigg (Blanks) July 2014PDF | ZIP
Martin, Alberta Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Martin, John A. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Martin, John E. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Martin, Olive Bailey June 15PDF | ZIP
Martin, Urias June 2014PDF | ZIP
Martin, W. B. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Martin, William H. Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Martin, William Jasper Dec 12PDF | ZIP
Mary Ann Light (Porter) Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Mason, James W. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Massey, Emma Jane Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Massey, William Shelby Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Massey, William Shelby Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Massey, William Shelby Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Massie, J. J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Mathews, Anderson M. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Mathis, Sarah Morrow June 15PDF | ZIP
Matkin, Marion Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Matkin, Marion Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Matkin, Marion Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Matt Powell (Borah) June 2014PDF | ZIP
Matthews, Dave Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Matthews, William R. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Matthews, William R. June 2017PDF | ZIP
Matthews, William R. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Matthews, William R. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Maxwell, Hy Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
May McMillan (Blanks) June 2014PDF | ZIP
Mayfield, Daniel Jefferson Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Mayfield, J. E. June 16PDF | ZIP
Mayo, Jim Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Mayo, Tom Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Mays, Mary A. Maddox Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
McCain, Robert I. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
McCain, Thomas W. Feb 15PDF | ZIP
McCain, Thomas W. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
McCallister, Thomas J. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
McCarty, Hugh B. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
McCaskill, Evander C. July 2014PDF | ZIP
McConnell, Joseph Carroll Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
McCook, S. H. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
McCook, Samuel Hamilton Feb 15PDF | ZIP
McCorkle, Elizabeth Virginia (Nolan) Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
McCorkle, Mathew B. Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
McCorkle, Mathew B. Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
McCulloch, Walker Dec 11PDF | ZIP
McCulloch, Walker May 12PDF | ZIP
McDonald, Charles Baker Oct 11PDF | ZIP
McDonald, Joseph Ignatius Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
McDowell, Edwin Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
McDowell, Hamilton Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
McElroy, Dr. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
McElyea, Alexander M. Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
McEntire, Lt. W. A. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
McEntire, R. W., Lt. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
McEntire, W. R., Lt. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
McEntire, William R., Lt., July 15PDF | ZIP
McEntire, William Randolph June 16PDF | ZIP
McGinnis, John C. July 13PDF | ZIP
McGinnis, W. W. June 16PDF | ZIP
McGinnis, William W. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
McGuire, Charles L. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
McGuire, Charles L. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
McGuire, Minerva (Roberts) Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
McKay, N. L. , Col. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
McKinley, William Jan 17PDF | ZIP
McKinney, Joe Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
McKinney, James Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
McKinney, James Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
McKinney, Mary Alice Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
McLean, Allen F. June 2017PDF | ZIP
McLean, Ann (Rose) June 2017PDF | ZIP
McLean, Jefferson Davis June 2017PDF | ZIP
McLean, Margaret (Batte) June 2017PDF | ZIP
McLean, William Pinckney June 2017PDF | ZIP
McMillan, Earl July 2014PDF | ZIP
McMillan, May (Blanks) July 2014PDF | ZIP
McMillan, Thomas J. July 2014PDF | ZIP
McNair, John R. June 16PDF | ZIP
McNeil, Maria Wylie Mar 15PDF | ZIP
McPherson, Mary Ann Elizabeth London Apr 15PDF | ZIP
McPherson, William H. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
McRae, Taylor Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
McRae, Taylor Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Meacham, William Henry Harrison May 11PDF | ZIP
Melton, J. J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Memorial, Northeast Tarrant County Civil War Vets Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Memorial, Northeast Tarrant County Civil War Vets Nov 11PDF | ZIP
Messer, Robert F. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Mickle, John W. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Military Service Records, Confederate Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Military Service Records, Confederate June 12PDF | ZIP
Military Service Records, U. S. Soldiers and Sailors System, May 12PDF | ZIP
Millsap, Fuller Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Millsap, Fuller May 2017PDF | ZIP
Minerva McGuire (Roberts) Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Minter, Green Washington June 2014PDF | ZIP
Minter's Chapel Cemetery Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Moncrief, Joseph C. June 16PDF | ZIP
Moncrief, Joseph J. June 16PDF | ZIP
Montgomery, Thomas Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Montgomery, Thomas May 15PDF | ZIP
Montgomery, Thomas Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Moore, Joe Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Moore, Milton Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Moore, Milton Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Moore, Milton Oct 11PDF | ZIP
Morehead, Jacob Lyon Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Morehead, James Tracy June 2014PDF | ZIP
Morehead, James Tracy Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Morehead, Sally Shannon June 15PDF | ZIP
Morehead, Sally Shannon Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Morgan, George T. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Morris, I. Z. T. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Morris, J. C. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Morrison, George Douglas Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Morrison, Nancy C. Cobb Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Morrow, Sarah Mathis June 15PDF | ZIP
Mosier, Adam Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Mosier, Jeremiah K. Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Mosier, Thomas Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Moss, H. R. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Mouser, Elizabeth Virginia Nash June 15PDF | ZIP
Murrah, Pendleton Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Murrah, Pendleton Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Murrell, John M. Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Muse, Thomas Ewell Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Museum of the Confederacy Apr 12PDF | ZIP
Myers, Charles Lafayette Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Myers, Charles Lafayette Oct 12PDF | ZIP
Nannie Hindman (Stockett) July 2014PDF | ZIP
Nash, Elizabeth Virginia Mouser June 15PDF | ZIP
Neace, Iraneous Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Neace, Iraneous June 2014PDF | ZIP
Neace, James R. Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Neace, James R. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Newberry, Huss Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Newberry, James Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Nickels, U. S. Buffalo Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Noah Cemetery Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Nolan, Elizabeth Virginia McCorkle Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
Norris, J. H. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Norton, Elias M. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Norwood, Peter J. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Nuckolls, William G. Jan 13PDF | ZIP
Nuckolls, William G. Mar 13PDF | ZIP
O'Melia, Mary Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
One Dollar Gold Coins Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Osage Orange (bois d'arc) May 2014PDF | ZIP
Paddock, Buckley B. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Paddock, Nuckley Burton May 2014PDF | ZIP
Painpare, Oscar Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Palmer, Lonnie Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Palmer, Lonnie Jan 13PDF | ZIP
Palmer, Lonnie June 12PDF | ZIP
Pankey, M. J. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Parker, Isaac Duke Nov 12PDF | ZIP
Parker, Isaac Duke Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Parker, William C. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Parrish, William J. Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Parrish, William J. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Parsley, George Warren July 13PDF | ZIP
Parsley, George Warren June 13PDF | ZIP
Parsley, George Warren Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Parsley, George Warren Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Parsons, W. H. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Passenger Pigeons June 2014PDF | ZIP
Patterson, J. W. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Patterson, James Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Paxton, William Henry Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Pearson, Minerva Green Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Pearson, Minerva Green June 15PDF | ZIP
Pemberton, Riley Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Pensions at July 13PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate Feb 13PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate May 12PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate, Oklahoma Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate, online access July 12PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Confederate, online access July 13PDF | ZIP
Pensions, Tennessee Confederate Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Perkins, Thomas S. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Perry, Bill Sept 2015PDF | ZIP
Perry, John William Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Petty, Charles Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Petty, Charles E., Col. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Petty, Francis Marion Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Petty, Francis Marion Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Peveler, William R., Capt. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Phelps, Jefferson Apr 13PDF | ZIP
Plane, Capt. William F. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Poe, Henderson Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, Henderson May 15PDF | ZIP
Poe, Henderson Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, John W. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas May 15PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas July 2016PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, Silas Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Poe, William Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Poe, William E. May 15PDF | ZIP
Poe, William Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Poke Apr 2014PDF | ZIP
Pollard, Wade Hamilton Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Posey, David T. Dec 15PDF | ZIP
Possums Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Poston, David Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Pounds, Early Andrew Jackson Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Pounds, Early Andrew Jackson Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Prather, Jeremiah June 2014PDF | ZIP
Prather, John D. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Prather, Jonathan Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Pratt, Joseph H., Capt. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Price, John A. Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Price, John A. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Price, Thomas Washington Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Price, William W. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Prigmore, Theodore, Mrs. Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Prince, Lavonia Ann Jewell Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Pritchard, Samuel D. June 13PDF | ZIP
Proctor, Rebecca W. Davidson June 15PDF | ZIP
Quayle, Amos Minor Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Quayle, William Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Quayle, William Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Quinn, Idella Chorn July 2016PDF | ZIP
R. E. Lee Camp UCV roll of 1900 Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Ragan, Stephen C. Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Ragan, Stephen E. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Rainey, Frank Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Rainone, Thomas Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Ramsey, Stephen Strange Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Randol Mill May 2016PDF | ZIP
Randol, Robert A. “Bob” Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Ratliff, Thomas N. Sept 2016PDF | ZIP
Rattan, John Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Rattan, Thomas H. Nov 2015PDF | ZIP
Ream, Sylvester Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Rebel Yell Mar 12PDF | ZIP
Record, Joe Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Redd, Theodore B. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Renfro, John D. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Reynolds, Ida Joe Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Reynolds, Stephen Marion Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Reynolds, William D. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Rhome, Byron C. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Rhome, Byron Crandall Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Rhome, Peter Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Richards, Pleasant M. July 15PDF | ZIP
Richards, Pleasant M. Mar 12PDF | ZIP
Richardson, J. C. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Rippy, Edward M. Oct, Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Roberts, Drucilla Alverson Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Roberts, J. B. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Roberts, Luke Robertson Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Robinson, John G. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Rodgers, Jasper N. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Rogan, John Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Rogers, Jess June 2014PDF | ZIP
Rogers, Reuben Brawley June 2014PDF | ZIP
Rogers, Sarah Elizabeth Bagwell Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Rogers, William McKindree June 2014PDF | ZIP
Rose, Ann McLean June 2017PDF | ZIP
Ross, Sul Sept 2016 PDF | ZIP
Ruth Veal (Wilson) Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Sanders, J. C. Dr. Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Sanders, J. C. Dr. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Sankey, J. P. Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Saunders, John Sherman Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Saunders, John Sherman Feb 11PDF | ZIP
Saunders, Lucinda Wallas June 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, Sam Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, Bolin Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, Bolin Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, Elizabeth Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, James Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, Jim Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Savage, Marion Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Savage. Rev. Hiram T. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Schadt, William May 2017PDF | ZIP
Scott, Thomas Jefferson Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Scrivener, Millicent Harris Lipscomb June 15PDF | ZIP
See, Thomas Jefferson June 2017PDF | ZIP
Sellers, W. D. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Sessions, Jonathan Dec 16PDF | ZIP
Seward, William A. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Shannon, Sally Morehead June 15PDF | ZIP
Shannon, Sally Morehead Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Shattuck, A. G. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Shaw, James Marion Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Shaw, John Patrick Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Shy, William N. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Sigler, Rufus Bolivar June 13PDF | ZIP
Simmons, John W. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Simmons, John Wesley Apr 11PDF | ZIP
Simmons, John Wesley June 11PDF | ZIP
Sims, James Marion Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Simson, Annie Elizabeth St. John June 15PDF | ZIP
Simson, Delos W. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Singleton, O. R. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Sisk, W. B. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Smart, William Jackson June 2014PDF | ZIP
Smith, Arthur Ireland Gilbert Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Smith, James N. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Smith, John Peter Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Smith, William Walton June 16PDF | ZIP
Soc. Order of the Southern Cross Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Society of the Order of the Southern Cross Oct 11PDF | ZIP
Sonora Dodd (Smart) June 2014PDF | ZIP
Southall, Seabourn May 2014PDF | ZIP
Southern Claim Commission Sept 11PDF | ZIP
Sparger, Harvey R. Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Sparger, Harvey R. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Sparger, Harvey R. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Sparger, Harvey Richard Mar 11PDF | ZIP
Sparger, Harvey Richard Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Sparger, Samuel June 2014PDF | ZIP
St. John, Annie Elizabeth Simson June 15PDF | ZIP
Stacks, Sammy Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Standeford, J. M. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Stanley, Nancy Moselle Dunn June 15PDF | ZIP
Stanley, Nancy Moselle Dunn May 15PDF | ZIP
Staples, Frances Estill, June 15PDF | ZIP
Stark, Mike July 2016PDF | ZIP
Starr, Angeline Levisee Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Starr, Angeline Levisee June 15PDF | ZIP
Starr, Angeline Levisee Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Starr, Angeline Levisee May 15PDF | ZIP
Starr, Barton H. Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Starr, Daniel Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Starr, Daniel June 2014PDF | ZIP
Starr, Daniel Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Stateham, John W. Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Stedman, Phebe R. June 15PDF | ZIP
Steel, W. T. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Steeley, Thomas Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Stephens, Alexander H. Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Stephens, Alexander H. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Stephenson, David L. Dec 11PDF | ZIP
Sterling, Benjamin Franklin Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Still, W. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Stockett, John D. July 2014PDF | ZIP
Stockett, Joseph Smith July 2014PDF | ZIP
Stokes, Charles T. Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Stokes, Charles T. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Stratton, Melissie Jane Judice Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Stratton, Thomas Jefferson Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Strawbridge, Thomas Feb 2016PDF | ZIP
Strawbridge, Thomas Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
Strong, William Stinson Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Sweet, Samuel M. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Tackett, A. C. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Tackett, L. L. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Tackett, R. E. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Tahbone, George Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Tarrant, Edward H. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Tarwater, John Clinton Oct 12PDF | ZIP
Tax Records, Tarrant County, Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Ennis W. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Ennis W. June 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Ennis W. May 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. July 11PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. June 11PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. May 11PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. Nov 11PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. Oct 11PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Col. E. W. Sept 13PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Ennis W. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Hannibal Giddings Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Louise Connery Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Louise Connery May 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Mary Jane (Bevers) Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Mary Levisee Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Mary Levisee May 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Wyatt A. May 15PDF | ZIP
Taylor, Wyatt A. Feb 12PDF | ZIP
Tegener, Fritz, Maj. May 15PDF | ZIP
Terrill, J. C. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Terrill, James William Jan 13 PDF | ZIP
Texas Land Grants June16PDF | ZIP
Texas portraits index May 2016PDF | ZIP
Thomas, J. R. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Thompson, Joe B. Colorbearer Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Thompson, Nancy Ann (Gibson) June 16PDF | ZIP
Thompson, Nathaniel E. June 16PDF | ZIP
Thompson, Samuel Houston June 2017PDF | ZIP
Thompson, Sarah Minerva Alverson Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Thompson, Thomas Jefferson June 2014PDF | ZIP
Thompson, W. I. Dr. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Thornton, Napoleon Bonaparte Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Throckmorton, William Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Throop, Francis June 2014PDF | ZIP
Tidwell, Radford J. Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Tidwell, Radford J. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Tilley, Moses June 2014PDF | ZIP
Tinsley, Lewis G. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Tomlinson, Emma (Light) Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Tompkins, Isaac May 2014PDF | ZIP
Tompkins, Isaac S. Jan 12PDF | ZIP
Trammel, Ellen (Dean) Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Trammell, Frank Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Trammell, Thomas Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Travis, Alice A. Armstrong Apr 17 Travis, Benjamin T. Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Trigg, Daniel C. June 2014PDF | ZIP
Trigg, James Hayden June 2014PDF | ZIP
Trigg, Julia “Judy” Euless Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Trigg, Martha (Blanks) July 2014PDF | ZIP
Trimble, David June 2014PDF | ZIP
Trimble, Sarah "Sallie" Foster Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Trimble, Sarah "Sallie" Foster June 15PDF | ZIP
Trimble, W. A. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Tucker, Charles F. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Tucker, William B. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Turner, William June 2014PDF | ZIP
Turpin, Samuel R. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Tyler, John May 2017PDF | ZIP
Tyner, Ivory S. Apr 13PDF | ZIP
UCV records at Fort Worth library Sept 2014PDF | ZIP
UCV records at Texas Tech in Lubbock Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Valentine, John G. Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Van Buren, Abraham Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Van Zandt, K. M. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Van Zandt, K. M. May 15PDF | ZIP
Van Zandt, Khleber M. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Van Zandt, Khleber Miller Jan 12PDF | ZIP
Vaughn, Daniel C. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Vaughn, Daniel C. Sep 2014PDF | ZIP
Vaughn, James Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Veal, Ellen Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Veal, George T. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Veal, Ruth (Wilson) Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Veal, William G. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Ventioner, J., Sr. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Vittor, Frank Mar 17PDF | ZIP
Wakefield, George H. Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Wakefield, George Henry Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Walker, John B. Capt. Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Walker, John B. Capt. Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Walker, John B. Capt. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Walker, Robert Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Walkup, J. A. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Wallas, Lucinda Saunders June 15PDF | ZIP
Wallas, Mary Burch June 15PDF | ZIP
Walnut trees, black Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Walton, John Fletcher Aug 12PDF | ZIP
Walton, John Fletcher Sept 12PDF | ZIP
Ward, Armstrong F. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Ward, John R. Dec 13PDF | ZIP
Wariner, Eppa Dec 2014PDF | ZIP
Wariner, Eppa Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Warren, David J. Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Washington and Lee Univ. flags Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Watkins, Brian Eugene Feb 12PDF | ZIP
Watson, Isum Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Watt, Andrew Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Watt, Francis Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Watt, William Aug 16PDF | ZIP
Waul, Thomas N. May 2016PDF | ZIP
Wayne, John Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
Weathers, William R. Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Weathers, William R. May 2014PDF | ZIP
Weaver, William Feb 11PDF | ZIP
Weinman, Adolph E. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
West, James M. June 13PDF | ZIP
Wheeler, J. H. Nov 16PDF | ZIP
Wherry, Martha Jane Boone Oct 2015PDF | ZIP
White, Gordon Oct 16PDF | ZIP
White, John June 15PDF | ZIP
White, Joseph June 2014PDF | ZIP
White, Jr., Edward Douglas June 2017PDF | ZIP
White, Sarah D. Henderson Oct 16PDF | ZIP
Whitley, Barbara Jane Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Whitley, Cora Bertram Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Whitley, Elizabeth Holland Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Whitley, James Madison Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Whitley, Rufus C. Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Whitney, Silas R. July 11PDF | ZIP
Widener, Samuel W. Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Wilbarger, John Wesley Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Wilbarger, Josiah Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Wilkerson, Fletcher Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Wilkerson, Fletcher Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Wilkerson, Fletcher May 2014PDF | ZIP
Williams, George M. Aug 2015PDF | ZIP
Williams, George M. July 15PDF | ZIP
Williams, Hardin N. Feb 2014PDF | ZIP
Williams, Ida Elizabeth Wood July 15PDF | ZIP
Williams, J. M. July 15PDF | ZIP
Williams, James C. Oct 12PDF | ZIP
Williams, Joseph H. Sept 12PDF | ZIP
Williams, Mary Kimbro Coble June 15PDF | ZIP
Williams, Mary Willis July 15PDF | ZIP
Williamson, Daniel J. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Williamson, Georgianna A. July 2016PDF | ZIP
Williamson, Nancy Ann (Coats) July 2016PDF | ZIP
Williamson, Saphronia July 2016PDF | ZIP
Willis, J. B. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Willis, Mary Williams July 15PDF | ZIP
Wilson, David Blackwood Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Wilson, David Blackwood Oct 13PDF | ZIP
Wilson, Pheraby Hoffman May 17PDF | ZIP
Windham, Samuel Robert “Sam” Feb 17PDF | ZIP
Wise County, Texas Veterans Photo Mar 11PDF | ZIP
Witten, Pinckney Lafayette Nov 2014PDF | ZIP
Wolff, Daniel E. Nov 13PDF | ZIP
Wood, Albert B. July 15PDF | ZIP
Wood, Ida Elizabeth Williams July 15PDF | ZIP
Wood, James E. July 15PDF | ZIP
Woods, M. B. Oct 2014PDF | ZIP
Woods, Samuel A. Mar 11PDF | ZIP
Woolson, Albert Jan 13PDF | ZIP
Worthington, Elisha Nov 16 PDF | ZIP
Worthy, J. N. Aug 2014PDF | ZIP
Wreaths Across America Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Wreaths Across America Mar 2014PDF | ZIP
Wright, Lucinda Hill Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Wright, Marcus J., Brig. Gen. Jan 17PDF | ZIP
Wright, Robert Feb 15PDF | ZIP
Wright, Robert Jan 15PDF | ZIP
Wylie, Lillian Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Wylie, Maria McNeil Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Wylie, Mollie Modina Jewell Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Wylie, Robert Kelsey Apr 15PDF | ZIP
Wylie, Robert Kelsey Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Wylie, Samuel Kelsey Mar 15PDF | ZIP
Wynne, R. M. Nov 12PDF | ZIP
Yeager, A. H. Jan 11PDF | ZIP
Yeager, Abraham Hoss May 17PDF | ZIP
Yeary, James Knox Polk Apr 17PDF | ZIP
Yeary, Mamie Apr 17PDF | ZIP
York, infant male May 2016PDF | ZIP
York, John B. May 2016PDF | ZIP
York, John B. Jan 2016PDF | ZIP
York, John B. Mar 2016PDF | ZIP
York, John B. Sheriff Apr 16PDF | ZIP
Young, J. E. Jan 2014PDF | ZIP
Young, Joseph E. Aug 13PDF | ZIP
Youngblood, John H. Apr 17 PDF | ZIP
Youngblood, John H. June 2017PDF | ZIP
Youngblood, John H. March 17 PDF | ZIP
Youngblood, John H. May 2017PDF | ZIP
Youngblood, William Oct 2014PDF | ZIP

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