Confederate Veteran Headstone

Assistance in obtaining headstones from the Veterans Administration.

If your Confederate ancestor is in a grave which has no marker whatsoever, we may be able to help you get him a free one from the veterans administration. We have been doing this for nearly fifty years, and have gotten several hundred stones at no cost to the family members.

Lately the VA has been very strict about documentation, but we still have managed to get several stones.

Here are some conditions:

You must be a direct descendant of the veteran, and you will need to sign the application as such. You must have an active interest in this process for it to work.

You must let us know via email immediately if the VA contacts you for more information, and you must respond in a timely fashion if we email you for more information.

Because of the economic realities of 2013, we cannot do the physical installation of markers outside Tarrant County. We will do our best to find someone in the area of the cemetery who will allow the stone to be delivered to them and who will do the installation at no cost to you.

Large commercially-operated cemeteries usually require stones in their cemeteries to be installed by their own staff, and they charge hefty installation fees, which we will know ahead of time. You will be responsible for those, but most Confederates are not buried in cemeteries which charge those fees.

Applications are not mailed to the VA unless they have complete documentation, including a cooperative descendant, a willing person to receive and get the stone installed, and a cemetery official who knows what's happening and is in agreement with it.

In nearly every case we are able to help you get the needed documentation. Every case is different, but if anyone can get one we can. A good application usually results in a delivered headstone within about six week.

Email us at and put "VA Headstone Help" in the subject line.

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